Unfortunately we will not be able to make it solely on motivation, determination and good will. Just to be sure we can get started with this project, we will need quite a bit of funds to cope with our expenses. They include our permits for certain mountains, our equipment, some visa, the occasional boat trip (remember we do not allow ourselves to board an aircraft), food and a few unpredictable costs. All of these costs serve the sole purpose of guaranteeing our succeeding in this project. We have tried to cut back on as many costs as possible by substituting the lion’s share of our transportations for hitchhiking, thus adding another dimension to the challenge, and through homestays such as the CouchSurfing project for accommodation. But even after cutting back as much as we could, we still need a substantial bit of funding to make our expedition a success.

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A part of the sponsoring will be donated to a variety of charity goals we want to support. They have been carefully chosen by the three of us because we want this project to be more than our desire of achieving an odyssey. While our biggest obstacle might be how to pass over a certain glacier or what route to follow if the weather turns for the worse, millions of people all around the world struggle with much bigger problems on a daily basis. Figuratively speaking, their mountains are infinitely higher, trickier, more dangerous and more unpredictable than ours will ever be. With each ascended mountain on our journey, we want to help someone else overcome their own hills. You can find the three charities on the right on this page.

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A journey to the‍‍‍ highest point of every European country

Mountain count: 43/44 ‍‍‍
Kilometers hitchhiked: 34 988 km